Oasis of Doubts To doubt is to be humble and be mindful of intricacies.

The human in every situation is complex, messy, profound, powerful, and at times irrational; never mind the potentially potent influence of the subconscious. Or so I imagine it to be and I could be squarely wrong.

Between the realm of one truth and another neighboring one, doubts plant tents and host the stray for an overnight stay, perhaps for much longer whenever those guests dare to ask questions, apply scrutiny to the prevalent narrative.

The absence of doubt leads to drunken arrogance which is supported with actions rooted in the absolute, and is bound to incite chaos, inflict pain, and sanction hatred.

Doubt is our insurance against tyranny of thoughts, actions, and beliefs. A reliable way to survive collusion and clashes. An enabler to carry the torch of civilization forward.

Doubt is an extension of life. A savior. To doubt is to reinstate our ability to find common ground, share, and ultimately love. To doubt is to be human.


Meta-4 Reading this collection of poems is like going for a hike in a rich and diverse terrain, with occasional rare sighting of exotic birds with their blue plumes, that share their hopeful songs, and observe you in silence, attentively.

During this hike, you will see a full spectrum of the four seasons. It will rain until you are soaked, then the sunshine will come unannounced; high and splendid, the sun will submerge you, guide you, and warm every inch of your skin.

Clothes are optional. Recreational swims are welcome.


Predictive Analytics For Dummies Business today relies on effectively using data to predict trends and sales. Predictive analytics is the tool that can make it happen, and this book eliminates the tricks and shows you how to use it. You’ll learn to prepare and process your data, create goals, build a predictive model, get your organization’s stakeholders on board, and more.

  • Modeling tips
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    Dimensions Book Cover The imagery of this collection varies from a silky pillow, to a bullet hole inside a school’s wall. It depicts revolutionaries and lovers around the globe, and highlights a freckle majestically placed under the most luscious lips.

    This collection takes us from the kitchen to the office walls, stopping for a nature hike, and onto sleeping with a herd of wolves conspiring to overthrow a corrupted regime. It is liberating and inquisitive.

    Inside the cover, young people hold white roses as they dance, while birds denounce misery, and witness the distribution of love.

    The poems are reports from the field; the emotional quest of someone trying to decipher relationships and bring us closer. Mohamed Chaouchi opens a window onto a horizon bordering an ocean. He is eager to share stories, which are usually told at night when the silver moon looks its best, and the naked lover is the warmest inside its nest.


    This is a collectionAccents Book Cover of poems that have accumulated over the years.

    I like to think of it as a jar of seashells that have been handpicked, from various beaches, and presented here for your enjoyment.

    Searching for, and uncovering, beauty everywhere has been the inspiration for these poems.



    redictive Analytics For Dummies

  • Real-world tips for creating business value
  • Common use cases to help you get started
  • Details on modeling, k-means clustering, and more
  • How you can predict the future with classification
  • Information on structuring your data
  • Methods for testing models
  • Hands-on guides to software installation
  • Tips on outlining business goals and approaches




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