Monthly Archives: July 2016

In the Company of Wise Animals

The white horses play flute as they fly.
An elephant enters the room, alone.
The land widens around wild animals.

Birds look for serpents who have long abandoned
trees and headed for streams and rivers.

Monkeys are forbidden to do business here.
Trading is outlawed during daylight.
Last time a goat was looking to sell its milk,
the neighbor was offended. It sneezed and snapped.

The visiting dragons were awakened
before their naptime was over.
Furious, they set everything on fire.
The winds, caught by surprise,
had to carry on, delivering disaster.
The rain was on a permanent sabbatical.
That is how Zeus
can mess up a perfect evening.

Eight wise cheetahs were summoned
to look into the matter. After much deliberation,
they announced a new war on the neighboring forest.
They also warned of drinking water
early in the morning
while your partner is still asleep.
It disturbs the inner peace.

But the working chickens carried on, undeterred.
Delivering wheat and organic eggs
to all the forest’s citizens.


A Picasso

Skin washes skin, membranes are juxtaposed —
legs, breasts, arms, and lips
mingle as in a Picasso.
In which people hug the beasts,
and contrasted colors abound:
tanned and pale, olive and brown.
Blue on white: the de-facto background color.
Red is enhanced, in focus, thanks
to an exciting rush. Flesh in full blush.
Knights of many desires ride
in a race to taste it all, conquer feelings,
free prisoners from lifetime sentences,
and plant trees. Birds are singing.
Flowers bloom as in springtime.
Wind whistles gently as the skies light up
and stars get chatty. An evening on the rise.
An end leads to a beginning. All form
one body. Power is shared,
pleasure amplified; a dialogue
as intense and productive
as the taut clouds before the pouring rain.