Monthly Archives: February 2015

New Year

Eyes gleaming, heart bright,
we hope for better days.
The smile of a child!
We welcome the rain and snow,
embrace light.

The cold can’t deter us.
The dark past is behind us.
We step into the future

where dreams
can fly. Hope takes root.
We dance to eternal music.
Echoed by leaves, laughter, travelers,
teapots, and powered by women’s hearts.

Early spring spreads into our heads,
lively, refreshing.
Softness settles back in.
Our first steps are delicate.
Our drinks are delicious.
Our thoughts are ambitious.

Magic fountains. Braised ducks.
Exotic baths. Cotton beds.
Feathers suspended midair.
Rose petals sparkle.
Cheerful whispers.
Wandering promises.
Attraction greets us.
Let us meet at a desired destination.